Hannan Gray, B.S.

Hannan Gray joined Wanzenberg and Associates in early 2022. She serves as an Executive Functioning Coach with the goal of meeting each student exactly where they are at and helping them grow. She enjoys finding effective strategies and systems to help each student succeed. Her mission is to help each student find their own path in learning.  Her passion is to prevent kids with EF struggles from experiencing the same frustration she did while she was navigating her way through school.

Hannan graduated from National Louis University in 2022 with a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education with endorsements in ESL and Special Education.

Hannan is a full time educator in an Early Childhood Center. She loves her job and is excited to go into her job everyday. Her students have a wide variety of needs and skills in her classroom and she feels like that just helps make her a better EF coach at W&A. She feels beyond lucky that she has two jobs that she is super passionate about and loves. She loves making connections with all of her students at Jefferson and at W&A. 

In her free time, Hannan has a wide variety of hobbies. She loves to read, her favorite genre of books are thrillers and she loves a good recommendation. She loves to bake, she feels like she has perfected her chocolate chip cookie recipe after many years of trying. Hannan loves baseball. The Chicago White Sox are her favorite team followed closely by whatever team her brothers play for. She loves Harry Potter (some kids grew out of that phase, Hannan just embraced it more). She also loves a good movie or tv show. She believes that a good sense of humor will take you far. 

Hannan is excited to continue learning and growing. She has always loved to learn and loves it even more when it can benefit the people she works with. She loves working with students of all ages and hopes to make executive functioning feel manageable and meaningful while also incorporating some fun and laughs. 

Hannan can be reached at hg@iepguardians.org or (630) 545-0234.